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Winery on Wheels serves mouth-watering secret recipes for frozen drinks, tube shots and of course, bottles of amazing Braman wine.

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Strawberry Daiquiri


Piña Colada


Pink Cadillac – Margarita/strawberry daiquiri swirl

Blushing Colada – Piña colada/strawberry daiquiri swirl

Island Rita – Margarita/piña colada swirl

Pink Squirrel – Margarita/sangria swirl

Angry Sunburned Texan – Sangria/piña colada swirl

Trashy ‘Stache – A delectable swirl of all flavors: Strawberry Daiquiri, Margarita, Piña Colada, Sangria

What’s a party without a round of shots?! Our high-end wine-based liquor is smooth but packs a punch in these tasty shooters.

Full Throttle – amaretto & energy drink

Island Sunrise – vodka, peach, rum, strawberry

The Graduate – amaretto, peach, pineapple

Almond Joy – amaretto, chocolate, vodka

Little Devil – vodka, OJ, grenadine

3 Wise Men – whisky, vodka, tequila

Urban Cowboy – whisky, triple sec

Peach Pirate – peach, rum

Grab My Coconuts – tequila, vodka, pineapple, coconut, lime

Playground Punch – fruit punch, rum, Triple sec

Tequila Sunrise – tequila, OJ, grenadine

Tropical Madness – chocolate, rum, piña

Tropical Twister – piña, peach, pineapple

Foreplay – amaretto, pineapple

Amore Chill – amaretto, lemonade, vodka, pineapple

Italiano – amaretto, tequila, margarita

Fire Cracker – Rum, vodka, tequila, grenadine, piña

Fuzzy Navel – vodka, peach

Alabama Slama – whisky, amaretto, cranberry

Chi-Chi – vodka, pineapple, coconut, lime, peach, apple

Crash Test Dummy – tequila, triple sec, lime

Unleaded – Rum, tequila

Week @ the Beach – peach, vodka, OJ

Skittle – vodka, cranberry, sweet-and-sour, grenadine

Foxy Squirrel – energy drink, cranberry, triple sec, vodka, sweet-and-sour

Better than Sex – vodka, grenadine, sweet-and-sour

Sex on the Beach – vodka, peach, cranberry, OJ, pineapple

Appletini – apple, vodka

Kamikaze – vodka, triple sec, lemonade

We bring bottles of Braman wine to events, and sell them by the bottle or by the glass. We customize the wines we bring according the event’s audience. Tastings are always granted.

Fringe Benefits

This festive line is all about fun, easy-going, good times with friends. Perfect for poolside sipping and backyard BBQs.


Sweet Red

Sweet White

White Merlot


Intended for the non-traditional wine drinker, the brand was created to commemorate the Braman Winery founding year, 2010. We search out the best fruit at the best price for our wines in the lineup.

c10 – Chardonnay

r10 – Riesling

x10 – Cabernet Zinfandel

z10 – Zinfandel

a10 – Cabernet

m10 – Meritage

s10 – Syrah

Braman Sparkles™

Our sparkling wine is the liquid exclamation point for any occasion.

Sparkles sparkling wine

Sparkles mimosa

Sparkles pink flamingo (coming soon)

Braman Legacy

Cabernet Sauvignon