Trashy ‘Stache

Try our Trailer Trash specialty drink, the Trashy 'Stache. A delectable swirl of all flavors: Strawberry Daiquiri, Margarita, Piña Colada, Sangria.

Stay Tuned for WOW 2

A vintage Chevy step van will fill the need for more rentals. This tricked-out bar will make its grand entrance September 1, 2012. Its engineering is in the works at the master food truck shop, Cruising Kitchens. The team at Cruising Kitchens tweets reports so follow them on Twitter or Facebook to track WOW 2's progress. We hope to surprise you in September!

Free Surprise

Hey WOW fans, visit our trailer each event for a surprise! Bring your smart phone and show us you like us on Facebook and we will hook you up with a treat. Will it be Mardi Gras beads, funky buttons, glow bracelets, tattoos, or bumper stickers? Who knows? But one thing's for certain: all the cool people will have the WOW factor!